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COVID-19 Protocols (Last Updated 1/1/21)

RGSA has created designated entry and exit 'lanes' to help with the flow of traffic and allow for proper social distancing. Doors will be propped open to prevent from the community touching of door handles. All bathrooms have been upgraded to included touch-free toilets, sinks, soap dispensers and hand dryers. We have even included a digital clock above our sinks so you'll know how long to wash your hands! We have installed numerous hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. We will be eliminating our lost & found as well as our drinking fountains for the time being. We ask that guests bring their own water bottle to prevent from community spread at drinking fountains, but otherwise ask guests to limit the outside belongings that they bring with them. We ask that personal belongings be kept in a car if at all possible, and do not bring any unnecessary items into the facility. We will do our best to space our any personal belongings that participants may bring. Players are encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands before the start of each session, and may be asked to wash their hands at some point during a (longer) session. Participants must abide by social distancing guidelines and stay on their designated court – we ask that players do not leave their court to retrieve a ball or for any other reason.

To help with social distancing in our facility, we are asking that only one parent representative accompany their child into the building. If parents feel comfortable doing so, we ask that older players be dropped off and picked up at the door to further limit the number of people coming and going into the facility. If parents feel it is necessary to stay with their child for the duration of the session, we will be enforcing social distancing guidelines of 6 feet of space between guests. Coaches will be required to wear a face mask at all times and must adhere to daily Symptom and Temperature checks. The seriousness of this situation will be highly respected by all coaches and employees at RSGA/OPVC. We require parents/guests to wear a form of face covering as recommended by the CDC. Players are not required to wear face covering. We have allowed 10-15 minutes between all our programs to eliminate crowding of people and space out traffic. Our staff will utilize time between sessions to isolate and disinfect the equipment used, clean commonly touched surfaces around the court, and get a pre-sanitized cart and set of balls. Every program will begin with a clean, disinfected cart and set of balls. RGSA and OPVC staff have spent this time creating and practicing this system to ensure that all carts and balls are being cleaned throughout the day, and we are prepared with a fresh set of equipment at the beginning of each session. Social distancing markers will be used to designate seating areas, separate water bottle areas and spots for players to stand on the court while coaches provide instruction and take attendance. Players will also be spaced out when standing in line for drills. There will be no group cheering or hand slapping between players and or coaches allowed.

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